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ProfitX Trading – Zero to Funded Course

profitx free download trading course abdullah rasheed

ProfitX Trading – Zero to Funded by Abdulla Rasheed Course Download

Learn how to trade like a pro, get funded, and get consistent profit splits. Use funded capital to get 10x profits and build a six-figure personal account. Learn everything you need to acquire a +$100k account from a major prop firm. Zero to Funded will take you from beginner to professional prop-firm trader. Download Profitx Trading course to replicate Abdulla’s forex trading strategies.

The program will include:

All 60 Zero To Funded videos with over 40 hours of in-depth step-by-step training ($7500 value). Free Course download link below for all members.

  • Core forex Trading Principles
  • Pro Analysis (Technical and Fundamental)
  • Pro Psychology (Training on random outcome and probability)
  • Pro Risk Management (Dynamic risk based on equity and grades)
  • Building/Expanding a Pro Playbook (with data)
  • Pro Performance (Training in executing your Playbook)
  • Proven Forex Trading System and Edge to personalize
  • Pro Trading Habits
  • Pro Film Review (How to record and review film)
  • Refining a System’s win rate and R:R
  • Beating the Psychology of the Prop-Firm Challenge
ProfitX Trading Youtube Channel

About ProfitX Trading Founder, Abdullah Rasheed:

Abdulla Rasheed is a 6-Figure Funded Trader specializing in trading the US30 market. He founded ProfitX Trading community. He has successfully secured funding from renowned institutions such as FTMO, MFF, and TFT. His ultimate goal is to achieve a funding level of $1 million and beyond.

If you aspire to become a funded trader, he is here to guide and assist you on your journey. Let him share his expertise and help you unlock the path to becoming a funded trader, achieving financial success in the markets. Together, you can turn your trading dreams into a reality. Download ProfitX Trading forex course from Mydiscountcourses, the largest library of forex & stock trading education.

Download link for this course including ALL COURSES in the library available to subscribers only.

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