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Anton Kreil – Professional Forex Trading Masterclass

anton kreil forex course download

Anton Kreil – Professional Forex Trading Masterclass Download

Videos 1 thru 4
With over 8 hours of footage, in the first 4 videos Anton Kreil covers the fundamentals of FOREX Trading, including the Opportunity Set, Regimes, Infrastructure as well as the computational methods you will need and use.
Videos 5 & 6
Another three hours of video, going into the more advanced computational techniques required to succeed in FOREX trading, including volume assessments and working with advanced Excel Spreadsheets.
Videos 7 thru 15
10 hours detailing the 10 macro fundamental drivers in FOREX trading, fully illustrated with Excel examples.
Videos 16 thru 21
In Video 16 Anton Kreil recaps the preceding vids in the professional FOREX trading masterclass, while the next 5 develop more fundamental drivers.
Videos 22 thru 24
Three videos covering gate keeping and deploying capital. Fully illustrated with detailed Excel examples.
Videos 25 thru 29
The final 5 videos in the professional FOREX trading masterclass cover off discipline; risk management; the building of an actionable trading plan; self awareness statistics and finally a recap of the course.

Anton Kreil Youtube channel

About Anton Kreil

Anton Kreil is a renowned forex trader and educator with a strong presence in the finance industry. Born on January 16, 1979, in England, he holds a degree in Finance from the University of Manchester. Kreil’s expertise lies in his ability to analyze market trends and navigate complexities, making him not only a successful trader but also a sought-after educator. His insights and teachings have influenced traders globally, cementing his position as a leading figure in finance. He is also a Managing Partner at Institute of Trading & Portfolio Management.

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