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About Astrofx:

Providing mentorship programmes for the aspiring trader, Astrofx is one of the UK’s leading schools of Foreign Exchange trading.

With a combined experience of over 14 years, the team of professional traders have gone from strength to strength, in the pursuit to becoming reputable mentors and traders across the globe.

Invest in yourself

Knowledge is a wise investment

Astrofx team has a combined experience of over 14 years. Within the last 4 years they have become one of the UK’s leading and fastest growing schools of trading, as well as having a worldwide student base.

Students will gain access to over 70 videos, which correspond to the strategies in the Astrofx guidebook(Professionally printed A4 guidebook on the Art of Technical Analysis). These videos provide you with a first-hand explanation of the methodologies outlined within the book, allowing you to grasp the strategies at a far more accelerated pace.


“The course has all the information that is needed to get a base set up in forex, prior knowledge of forex is needed which is easily obtainable from babypips.com I also really like the way the top down analysis is set out it has made my trading life a lot easier! I believe astro fx are the way to go”

“Astroforex has changed my life. After attending their course and obsessing over my new technical analysis skills that I have learnt I replaced my income within 3 months. This is a massive accomplishment for me as now I only have to work 1-2 hours a week for the same money and can spend most of my time doing what I love!!!… Instead of being stuck in an office working for someone else and now that I have a track record I am being offered funds to manage on a regular basis which is a good feeling :)”

Don’t miss out – download the AstroFX Forex Trading Course for free today by being a subsciber and start your journey to success.

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