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The Inner Circle Dragons Trading Academy – Ali Khan

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Do you want to know the truth about how the markets book price? Interested in ICT/SMC concepts but overloaded with information? Does your learning feel disjointed? Do you need help putting the theory into real life trading practice? Don’t worry.. We have you covered..


Lets face it, trading isn’t easy.. You’ve tried strategy after strategy and have spent lots of time and money on courses, yet you still cannot understand why support and resistance levels sometimes work, and sometimes do not?.. Why trendlines fail?.. Why price always seems to target your stop loss??.. We know.. We’ve been there. The truth is.. ALL of the books teach us to place our stops in the EXACT places banks and institutions are seeking to offload their profits… They let us believe that the markets are random.. That they are too big to be controlled or manipulated.. That buying and selling pressure makes the markets go up and down…. This cannot be further from the truth.. The markets are controlled by A.I. By a computer program known as.. ‘The Algorithm’.. It sounds like something from the Matrix right?.. Take the red pill.. and let us show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes… Download this course below!

The Trading Academy videos have been created by our elite ICT price action specialist Ali Khan (AK). AK is a chartered student of world renowned trader Michael J. Huddleston (ICT – The author & creator of the algorithm), and has been under his private mentorship for over 4 years. Michael has purposely scattered key information relating to each of his concepts over dozens of videos. AK has used his experience to compile the very best of ICT concepts into short, easy to digest, less than 10 minute videos, all in one place. Download from Mydiscountcourses. Same course, for a fraction of the cost.

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About Ali Khan:

As a Trader and Head Mentor at The ICD Academy, he brings 5 years of experience in ICT (Inner Circle Trader) methodology. He has been privately mentored by Michael J. Huddleston, the renowned author of ICT/Smart Money Concepts & IPDA. In addition to his trading expertise, he has a background as a former pharmacist with 10 years of experience. At The ICD Academy, they believe in revealing the truth about how the markets determine price, emphasizing that trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme. If you’re interested in learning the genuine insights into market dynamics, The ICD Academy is the ideal place for you.

Download link for this including ALL COURSES in the library available to subscribers only.

The Inner Circle Dragons Trading Academy – Ali Khan Free download course

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