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Maroun4x – Ultimate Day Trading Program

Maroun4x – Ultimate Day Trading Program

Course Overview

The Ultimate Day Trading Program is a trading course designed for retail traders to view the financial markets with an institutional edge and to ultimately create a successful trading business.

Course Structure

The course is structured with a focus on the foreign exchange market. Enrolled Students are expected to grasp the basic concepts in the prerequisite section before diving into the advanced topics. The basic concepts are the foundation to the framework that is taught in the Ultimate Day Trading Program.

Meet the instructor

Alexander Hannoun

Alexander Hannoun is a successful proprietary currency trader at industry leading firms and a fund manager at Hannoun Capital.

He successfully completed his Bachelors of Commerce in Finance with Magna Cum Laude distinction at the University of Ottawa. Alex launched his Ultimate forex Day Trading Program as he looks forward to share his passion of day trading with all students to develop their trading business.

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