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Pollinate Trading – Equities Earnings Strategy

pollinate download free course

Pollinate Trading – Equities Earnings Strategy Download

Don’t get caught making the same usual gamble trades during earnings season ever again. Be in the right stocks that have a HUGE opportunity for winners when they release their earnings, and often times you get the price rip even before they announce.

The Equity Earnings Strategy keeps you out of the high risk, low reward earnings trades that everyone on TV and Twitter are gambling on, and gets you in to the ones that make real money. Each earnings season the strategy has 2-3 really busy weeks where all the gains are made for the entire quarter. The big gains are made in only a couple of the trades, but 10-20 trades are taken…we don’t know which ones are going to hit, so we take them all.

Occasionally we have an earning season that fizzles, and occasionally we have a home run season. Rather than reading earnings reports, analysts reports, listening to countless hours of CNBC and digging through the Wall Street Journal to have a guess at what Tesla or Apple *might* do, use the equity earnings strategy and position yourself for most likely outcomes. Pollinate Trading – Equities Earnings Strategy Download from Mydiscountcourses, the largest library of forex & stock trading education.

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