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Smart Raja Concepts (SRC) – Raja Banks

smart raja concepts

Download Smart Raja Concepts (SRC) – Raja Banks

SRC is a re-Mastered version of Market Fluidity (yes you do get access to that as well). It is your University grade education presented in an easy to understand Virtual Class setting. Through this course download, you will 100% be ready to face the brutal realities of the Forex market trading.

You will understand and will be able to correctly predict how and where candles move based on the sessions that are running. Our main focus will also be on Risk management and aiming to lose LESS than you planned on losing. Through SRC you will also learn the skills needed to manage trades better, manage emotions and apply risk management techniques that will keep your losses small and winners big. Download this course, Smart Raja Concepts (SRC) – Raja Banks, to replicate Raja Banks strategy in trading forex.

About Raja Banks

Raja banks, founder of Smart Raja Concepts forex course, is a Pakistani-Canadian forex trader who has a rags to riches story. Rajabanks used to work at a oil drilling site then started sales later on and eventually learned about forex trading. He found success in trading so he founded Market Fluidity and Smart Raja Concepts to educate other people in forex trading. He is also the owner of forex broker called Dominion Markets and sells trading keyboard called MagicKeyboard. Rajabanks is currently living in Dubai. If you want to download Smart Raja Concepts, click the subscribe button below.

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