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TransparentFx by Niccolo Testa

transparentfx course download

Transparent Fx Forex Course by Niccolo Testa download

Transparent Fx is a trading education service that teaches a range of rule based trading strategies to retail traders all around the world. They claim to have students in over 100 countries and over 2800 students have now passed their training academy – impressive!

The company, trading as TFX Education LTD is ran in Malta by a fairly well known figure in the space called Niccolo Testa. Niccolo appears in all of the free and paid training videos, preaching transparency and brings an air of trustworthiness that a lot of forex mentors really don’t have.

They, unlike some other companies, guarantee no profits at all and preach the fact this is not a get rich quick scheme, in fact, far from it. This is really great to see from TFX as we know by now that all get rich quick schemes are usually a scam. This may contribute to how the company has managed to become one of the best forex trading courses in 2021.

Transparentfx Academy Youtube channel

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