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WIFXA – Intraday Forex Trading Course

WIFXA - Intraday Forex Trading Course download

Download WIFXA – Intraday Forex Trading Course

WIFXA offers an extensive forex trading course that specializes in the art of intraday trading. This comprehensive program equips aspiring traders with the strategies and skills needed to thrive in the world of forex trading. The results speak for themselves, as many clients who have completed the course download have already begun to see profitable returns. To embark on this educational journey, you can easily download the course materials below and start your forex trading adventure.

This forex course download structure is thoughtfully designed to provide a holistic understanding of forex trading. It covers institutional insights into price action, with a curriculum comprising five lectures, each supported by recorded videos and rigorous training sessions. To ensure mastery, students must complete intensive assignments before progressing to the next lecture. The learning journey doesn’t end there; students also have the opportunity to engage in live small group revision and Q&A sessions with a mentor. This dual focus on Primary Analysis (Price Action) and Secondary Analysis (fibonacci, harmonic patterns, chart patterns) empowers students to approach the market with a professional trader’s mindset, effectively managing emotions like fear and greed.

Download WIFXA - Intraday Forex Trading Course

WIFXA’s forex trading course takes a hands-on approach, incorporating supervised demo trading to solidify the learning experience. Students begin with lectures 1 and 2, followed by two weeks of supervised demo training utilizing Primary Analysis. Upon successful completion, they advance to lectures 3 to 5, accompanied by another two weeks of demo trading, this time integrating both primary and secondary analysis techniques. This forex course download also offers invaluable insights into turning forex trading into a lucrative business plan, showcasing how a £1,000 investment can potentially yield a six-figure sum within just a year by focusing on achievable targets of 20 pips a day, 100 pips a week, or 400 pips a month. Regular weekly webinars ensure continuous development and serve as a platform for progress assessment. Ultimately, graduates receive a simple business plan that reveals the successful strategies employed by mentors and alumni to achieve remarkable returns in a short time frame.

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